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About Us

Sangekar Speech And Hearing Clinic is one of the pioneer clinics in the field of Audiology and speech pathology. The clinic was started in 1988 after Mrs Sangekar decided to settle in pune. The clinic offers Services and therapy for various speech, Language and hearing disorder in the children and adults. Mrs Sangekar is qualified Audiologist and speech, Language pathologist with experience of 40 years.

Hearing Impairment is an invisible and therefore its detection poses a great challenge. Sangekar clinic provided the facility for various types of audiologist tests required to diagnose hearing impairment in adults and children and infants. Early identification of hearing impairment is important to initiate early intervention either medical or nomedical.

Sangekar speech and hearing clinic is authorized fitting centre for renowed brands and hearing instruments such as siemens, resound …various models of hearing instruments are available such as small, invisible, digital, computer programmed, behind the ear, pocket type etc. The selection of hearing instruments is done on the basis of the result of hearing test and choice of the client. Apart from dispense hearing instruments Mrs Sangekar and her colleagues also deal with social, psychological, educational, and speech problems associated with hearing loss.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life through better hearing says ms sangekar. 

The Disorders of Speech and language interfere with communication and cause social and psychological problems.

At Sangekar clinic, the facility of speech and language therapy is available. The successful and result oriented therapy has been given to many clients in the past.

The rehabilitation of congenital hearing impaired also poses a great challenge. At sangekar clinic we start the process of rehabilitation as early as possible. we have successfully integrated hearing impaired children to normal schools. Some children are also studying in colleges and professional courses.

Our goal is to provide the best possible services to the clients with speech and hearing impaired children and adults is our goal and Mrs Sangekar and her colleagues are striving hard to achieve this.


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